fredag 19 augusti 2011

I'm feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic

I need to be myself
I can't be no one else
I'm feeling supersonic
Give me gin and tonic
You can have it all but how much do you want it?
You make me laugh
Give me your autograph
Can I ride with you in your B.M.W ?
You can sail with me in my yellow submarine

You need to find out
'Cos no one's gonna tell you what I'm on about
You need to find a way for what you want to say
But before tomorrow

onsdag 17 augusti 2011

lover just maybe come over, jack it up

people say that I creep you out
no understanding, no cash in hand
all i see, is apparently
what do they know
about you and me

onsdag 3 augusti 2011

You better watch out cause I like you Good things makes me vanish and go

The tattoo that I left on you said best before right now
You should punch me in the stomach
and then you should hit me in the face
But you couldn't watch out cause I like you

Step into my dreaming space Hide behind the door Demons stole my pride when they got bored


(Well I know it must be hard to fall in love with a girl like me I don’t blame you for the choice you make I just want you to be free but the pain is never easy and I know it’s not your fault but of all the stones that hit me this one knocked me to the floor)